Next Steps

Find Your Next Step!

Your first step is already done! Whether you’re looking for a new church home and wanting to grow, or you’re just curious about what Christianity and church is all about, you’re here! Your next steps might include asking questions, watching some sermons online, and planning your first visit for a Sunday morning.

Beyond that, we would encourage you to think about getting you and your family connected in Life Groups, Bible Studies, and/or serving opportunities. All of those are great opportunities to meet some new people, get connected, and grow alongside others!

Join A Life Group

Life Groups are what we call our small group ministry. This is a great way to get connected with people, support one another, and grow together!

Bible Studies

There’s a reason we’re called Fellowship BIBLE Church; we want everyone to grow in their knowledge of the Word! This ultimately grows us closer to the Word-giver, God Himself. We have something for every age to start growing!


Serving the church and our community is what God has designed and gifted us for! Not only do we experience the joy of doing eternal work for the Kingdom, we get to do it alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ!