“Missions exists because worship doesn’t.”


That simple, yet profound, statement by John Piper says it all. Fellowship Bible Church is committed to global ministry precisely because there are still far too many people groups who do not worship Jehovah God. Until such time, missions will be a major focus and core value of this church.

Part of our ongoing diligence in becoming more like Christ is developing a heart of compassion for those “in all the world.” Through the Missions Ministry we are striving to help each person at Fellowship Bible Church develop a more global-minded vision of God and His work.

Consequently, we are privileged to be partners with missionaries around the world. Our goal is to make sure our relationship with these men and women is much more than just a financial one. We do this in the following ways:

Short-Term Mission Trips

Every year many of our number participate in short-term trips for a week or longer to support our current overseas workers as well as other worthy missions efforts around the world. These trips are a catalyst for not only helping those in foreign fields, but changing the ones from here who go and gain God’s perspective on the Great Commission.

Prayer Support

We strive to ensure that each missionary is supported through dedicated prayer for them and their ministry. Some members agree to pray for specific missionaries daily while others commit to regular prayer for all mission efforts.

Missionary Adoption

Our goal is to have every missionary of the church “adopted” by either a Life Group or some other ministry group of the church. Such “adoptions” help guarantee that our missionaries and their families are cared for physically, financially and spiritually!

Some of our Mission Partners:

- Up Global Network.
- Mission Southside.
- Alex and Andrea Matthew with Youth For Christ in KCK and KCMO.
- Sarah Campbell with Cru in KCK.
- Peaceful Generation school and pastor training in Ethiopia.
- We also have a number of global mission partners that we can't list on our website for security reasons.