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Journey to Judea

An MSM Christmas Experience

Every year Christmas comes and goes, but many people do not know the whole story behind the story. Some have heard that Christmas is about Jesus’ birth in a town called Bethlehem in Judea, but few understand that this was a major climax in human history. Jesus’ coming is significant; the storyline of the entire Bible revolves around it.

Journey to Judea is an interactive Christmas experience that allows you to walk through the narrative of the Bible, learning the twists and turns that lead us to the birth of Christ and reveal the true significance of His coming. The birth of Christ is more than a historical event: it has crucial relevance for every man, woman and child. Come listen to Moses, David, Isaiah and others foretell the coming of the King. Come see the busy innkeeper and the young pregnant couple who were denied residence by him. Watch the angels tell good news to shepherds. Come witness the empty cross and the open tomb and hear the next chapter of the story.

This event includes a cast of nearly 100 people, live animals, narration, live action, and music. Groups of 40-50 people will be guided through an hour-long outdoor tour of different scenes spread across twenty acres of land, literally walking through the story of the Bible.

Date: Sunday, December 8th
Time: Leave FBC at 5:15pm, back to FBC about 7:30pm
Cost: FREE

Register online here.