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Bend, Oregon

  Sarah Campbell

Photo of Sarah CampbellSince the Fall of 2009, Sarah has worked with Lifelines, the outdoor and experiential ministry of Cru.  Currently serving in Bend, Oregon, she works with college students from several universities throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Her team uses process learning in the outdoors to help students grow in relationship with God, relationships with others, in character, and in leadership.  The students come to Lifelines at various stages in their spiritual journey, and through a range of outdoor adventures they are exposed to grace, truth, and the gospel.  The hope is to win students to Christ, build them up in their faith, and give them opportunities to share and serve others in college and upon graduation.

Prayer Requests

  • That God would transform the community in Bend, OR to be one that loves the Lord as He changes lives of students of all ages at the community college.
  • Oregon State University has a small, one building campus in Bend now but is expanding to a full four year university.  Land has been bought and soon the students will come.  The outdoors will be a draw for many students to go to school here.  Please pray for opportunities to reach students and staff there.  Also, pray that the Christian churches and community would be ready to have an influx of college students and find ways to connect with them since this will be a new ministry opportunity to the community.
  • For wisdom and safety as we serve student leaders and staff on campuses all over the region.  Lifelines’ desires to be a resource to them so that they can build relationships in places on campus that are hard to reach.  Doors are opening for this.  Please pray that the relationships and opportunities would continue to grow so we can work together to expand God’s Kingdom into the tough areas of each campus.

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