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Life Group Video Conferencing

While under the “social distancing” restrictions necessary for COVID-19, FBC Life Groups will utilize video conferencing with the goal to keep us as connected as possible.  We will use this platform as our primary way to meet for as little time as necessary until we can meet again in person.

FBC small group meetings (Life Groups, Bible Studies etc) will be using the 8×8 video conferencing platform.  While there are many options, this product allows us unlimited time and number of sessions, has very good quality and is easily accessible with very little requirements. Using the Chrome browser, we can simply click on the link and immediately join the video conference as a guest.  Optionally, there is an app to use for both computer and phones.  An audio only phone number can be used to join if desired. 

As Life Groups are intended to be a close group, safe for sharing personal information, we will secure each video conference with a password.  See your Life Group leader for the password to the session.  As a Life Group participant, please keep this group password confidential.

If you are not in one yet, but would like to connect with a Life Group, please let us know!  Our hope is that new groups can be formed to better connect our church members!

For small group leaders

For meeting attendees