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Yukon (6th Grade)

From June 4 to September 3 (5th and 6th Graders) will be doing “Flyte” at 9:15am

Yukon, Ho!! 6th Grade Class – (1st Class- September 10, 2017)

Traveling Toward Maturity in Christ

“Danger Ahead” is the overall message of the Yukon, Ho!! curriculum, a danger surmounted only by Christ.  When children enter the teen years, they face issues that threaten their Christian values.  Those challenges require decisions that can affect the rest of their lives.  How will they respond? What choices will they make?  How will they prepare for the dangers ahead?

The Yukon, Ho!! curriculum provides a stage for students to make these life decisions based on scriptural principles and to think through situations before they encounter them.

Each “trap” will be given a 1-4 week span, emphasized by skits, role-playing, games, and discussions.  Scriptural foundations for decisions, a relationship with Christ, and the importance of guides such as the Holy Spirit, parents and Christian mentors will be emphasized throughout.

The main goal for this curriculum is to present the issues (traps as we refer to them) of adolescence to the sixth graders. A secondary goal is to present these topics to parents. Many parents don’t think about the issues that will confront their children until they face a problem in one of these areas.  It needs to be talked about and Biblical standards discussed before their children ever get involved in these issues or traps.  Through handouts and parent meetings, parents will be invited to consider their role and their responses.  Parental involvement in their children’s lives is crucial.